Review: I Am A Refugee: Finding Home Again in America

Mirsada Kadiric released her memoir, I Am a Refugee: Finding Home Again in America earlier this month (April 12, 2018, 68 pages). It is a moving, personal story of a harrowing childhood journey in 1992 from war-torn Bosnia to Western Europe and finally to the United States. The suddenness with which life went from normal and happy to a terrifying nightmare is both heartbreaking and sobering. Refugees have been much in the news recently, and this book helps bring their plight home in a way that cold facts never could.

She now lives in Northern Kentucky. Her description of expecting Boone County High School to be like the school in Beverly Hills 90210 and instead discovering a concrete block building next to a busy street where her high school classmates shunned her is priceless. Happily, she also recounts the students at Northern Kentucky University welcoming her and relief at winning US citizenship. Her book will be of special interest to Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky readers.

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