Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Based on the questions I've received and some that I anticipate, here are the FAQs:

Are you the Gary Reed who wrote comic books and published Caliber Comics?

No, that's not me.  For more information about the late comic book writer and publisher, see the article about him in Wikiepedia.

Was A Fatal Cell Phone Video based on actual events?

No, the story is pure fiction, except for a few background events.   Some of the quotes attributed to the prosecutor were based on statements by presidential candidates in 2015 - 16.

The "dead chicken" incident actually happened in my practice, but the box wasn't delivered to my office.  It came to my home.  My wife was home recovering from major surgery when the box arrived.  She  was shocked when she opened the box.  She immediately called the police, but the Kentucky State Police investigation was perfunctory.  The trial judge refused to issue a protective order.

Are A Fatal Cell Phone Video and Explicit Bias the same?

Yes, for the most part.  I changed the title and cover to make the book more attractive.  I cut a few paragraphs, mainly from the beginning and one of the news casts, and I revised some words here-and-there in the interest of readability.  I changed the name of one minor character to avoid any possible confusion with the real person who holds the position of the entirely fictional character.  But I made no changes to the story itself.