Chanticleer Shortlists L.N. Passmore’s Wayward Wulves Beware

Chanticleer International Book Awards has shortlisted L.N. Passmore’s Wayward Wulves Beware (March 27, 2017, 334 pages). The first volume in the Eye of the Wulf series, Wayward weaves Celtic myth and mountain lore into a tartan of greed and treachery, courage and sacrifice. Wulves and Faer Ones, their faerie allies, defend Eden-like Lisnafaer against the corruption wrought by human necromancers. Ms. Passmore’s volume competed with thousands of others from around the world and made it through seven rounds of reviews.

L.N. Passmore is a fellow member of the Covington Writers Group.  She writes such beautiful prose, it must make other writers in the fantasy genre weep with envy.

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