About Gary Reed

Gary Reed draws on his extensive legal experience in his writing.  He practiced law in a large law firm and later in an in-house capacity. Throughout his career, he managed litigation and investigations across the country.

He has always been interested in writing.  He wrote for and edited his high school and college newspapers.  He also wrote a number of professional articles in his areas of legal specialty.

Gary relies on a robust network of beta readers to make sure his works are easy to read and enjoyable. He is also an active participant in two writers groups.

Gary Reed

Gary Reed


Gary Reed had an exciting legal career before retiring and taking up writing.  He managed litigation around the country, including product liability and other high-stakes litigation.  He has also directed investigations into corrupt providers in South Florida and elsewhere.  Mr. Reed wrote and spoke frequently on professional issues during his career.  He is the author of two novels -- A Fatal Cell Phone Video (2016) and The Blockbuster Drug (2015) .